290 Redwood Shores Pkwy Redwood City Ca 94065

290 redwood shores pkwy redwood city ca 94065 – Nestled in the heart of Redwood City’s dynamic tech corridor, 290 Redwood Shores Parkway stands as a beacon of innovation and investment potential. With its prime location, state-of-the-art amenities, and proximity to industry giants, this property offers an exceptional opportunity for investors seeking a foothold in one of California’s most sought-after commercial real estate markets.

This building boasts a modern architectural design, offering tenants a vibrant and inspiring work environment. Its flexible floor plans and ample natural light create a productive and collaborative atmosphere, catering to the needs of modern businesses.

Location Information

290 Redwood Shores Parkway is strategically located in the heart of Redwood City, California, a thriving technology hub in the San Francisco Bay Area. The property is situated within the prestigious Redwood Shores Business Park, a vibrant corporate community home to numerous Fortune 500 companies and innovative startups.

Surrounding Area

The immediate vicinity of 290 Redwood Shores Parkway boasts a diverse array of amenities and conveniences. Within walking distance, residents and employees have access to:

  • Upscale restaurants and cafes offering a wide range of culinary options
  • Retail stores, boutiques, and a shopping center
  • li>Fitness centers and recreational facilities

  • Public parks and open spaces

Transportation Options, 290 redwood shores pkwy redwood city ca 94065

290 Redwood Shores Parkway enjoys excellent connectivity to major transportation arteries. The property is adjacent to Highway 101, providing convenient access to San Francisco, San Jose, and other Bay Area destinations. Public transportation options include the nearby Redwood City Caltrain station and several bus lines, offering seamless commuting for employees and visitors alike.

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For added convenience, the property features ample on-site parking, accommodating the needs of tenants and guests.

To visualize the exact location of 290 Redwood Shores Parkway, please refer to the following Google Maps link:

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Building and Property Details

290 Redwood Shores Parkway is a modern and visually striking building that boasts a unique architectural style and an array of amenities. Its sleek exterior and spacious interiors create an inviting and functional workspace for its tenants.

The building features a total of six floors, providing ample space for various businesses and organizations. Each floor offers approximately 25,000 square feet of leasable area, allowing for customizable and flexible office configurations.


  • 24/7 secure access and video surveillance
  • State-of-the-art fitness center with showers and lockers
  • Spacious and well-lit common areas with comfortable seating
  • On-site cafeteria and coffee bar
  • Electric vehicle charging stations
  • Bike storage and showers

Property Details

The property at 290 Redwood Shores Parkway encompasses approximately 2.5 acres of land, providing ample parking for tenants and visitors. The parking lot offers a generous number of spaces, ensuring easy access and convenience for all.

The outdoor features of the property include beautifully landscaped gardens and walking paths, creating a serene and inviting environment for employees to enjoy during breaks or lunchtime.

Business and Tenancy

The building at 290 Redwood Shores Parkway, Redwood City, California, has a rich history of occupancy by various businesses and organizations. It has been a hub for technological innovation and business operations over the years.The current occupants of the building include Oracle, a multinational technology corporation, and Guidewire Software, a provider of software solutions for the insurance industry.

Oracle occupies a significant portion of the building, utilizing the space for its research and development operations. Guidewire Software has its headquarters in the building, employing a large workforce in the field of insurance software development.In the past, the building has been home to several notable businesses, including:

  • Electronic Arts (EA), a leading video game developer and publisher, had its headquarters in the building from 1991 to 2004.
  • Siebel Systems, a customer relationship management (CRM) software company, occupied the building from 2006 to 2010.
  • SAP, a German multinational software corporation, had a presence in the building from 2010 to 2014.

The building’s current occupancy status is primarily due to its location in the heart of the Silicon Valley technology hub. The proximity to other tech giants, universities, and skilled labor has made it an attractive destination for businesses seeking a strategic presence in the region.

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Additionally, the building’s modern amenities, including ample parking, conference rooms, and flexible floor plans, cater to the needs of large corporations.

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Whether enjoying the nearby parks or exploring the vibrant downtown area, 290 Redwood Shores Parkway offers a perfect blend of comfort and accessibility for seniors seeking an active and fulfilling lifestyle.

Market Analysis: 290 Redwood Shores Pkwy Redwood City Ca 94065

Redwood City’s office space market has witnessed steady growth in recent years, driven by the influx of technology companies and startups. The city offers a favorable business environment, proximity to San Francisco, and a highly skilled workforce, making it an attractive location for businesses.

Currently, the vacancy rate for office space in Redwood City hovers around 5%, indicating a healthy demand for space. Rental prices have been on an upward trend, with average rates ranging from $40 to $60 per square foot, depending on the building’s location and amenities.

Comparison to Similar Properties

290 Redwood Shores Parkway compares favorably to similar properties in the area. Its modern design, efficient floor plans, and proximity to public transportation make it a desirable choice for businesses seeking high-quality office space.

The building’s amenities, such as the fitness center, conference rooms, and outdoor terraces, further enhance its appeal. Moreover, the property’s location within the Redwood Shores Business Park provides access to a range of amenities, including restaurants, retail stores, and recreational facilities.

Investment Potential

The investment potential of 290 Redwood Shores Parkway is significant, considering its prime location in the heart of Silicon Valley, strong tenancy history, and the growing demand for office space in the area.

Building Condition and Tenancy History

The building is well-maintained and has been consistently occupied by high-profile tenants, indicating its desirability and the stability of its income stream. This factor enhances the investment value of the property.

Market Demand

The Redwood Shores submarket is experiencing a high demand for office space, driven by the influx of technology companies and the expansion of existing businesses. This demand is expected to continue in the coming years, making the investment in this property even more attractive.

Potential Investment Strategies

There are several potential investment strategies that can be considered for 290 Redwood Shores Parkway:

  • Hold for Long-Term Appreciation:Given the strong market fundamentals and the building’s quality, holding the property for long-term appreciation can be a viable strategy.
  • Redevelopment:The property could be redeveloped to increase its value and appeal to a wider range of tenants. This could involve adding amenities, upgrading the building systems, or reconfiguring the floor plans.
  • Lease-Up and Sale:An investor could lease up the remaining vacant space and then sell the property to capitalize on the increased income stream and potential appreciation.

Closing Notes

In conclusion, 290 Redwood Shores Parkway presents a compelling investment opportunity for those seeking a strategic foothold in Redwood City’s thriving tech ecosystem. Its prime location, modern amenities, and strong market fundamentals make it an ideal choice for investors seeking long-term growth and stability.

Quick FAQs

What are the key amenities offered at 290 Redwood Shores Parkway?

The building features a fitness center, a modern cafeteria, and a spacious outdoor terrace, providing tenants with a range of amenities to enhance their well-being and productivity.

What is the current occupancy status of the building?

The building is currently occupied by a mix of technology companies, including a leading software development firm and a venture capital fund.

What is the potential for future development or redevelopment of the property?

The property offers significant potential for future development or redevelopment, given its large lot size and strategic location. It could be expanded to accommodate additional office space or transformed into a mixed-use development with retail and residential components.

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